Empower your teams to step inside the mind of an elite athlete

Bring our coaches to your school for professional tumbling instruction

Do you want a shot at a state title? NextGen Athletics LLC works with youth teams, middle schools, high schools and colleges around Grand Rapids, MI to help athletes build on the skills they've already learned.

Our tumbling instructors infuse peer-reviewed research and constant self-improvement to inspire continued growth and provide athletes with a positive, caring and healthy experience.
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Our Philosophy

Teenagers are the most slept-on age group in the world. They are capable of truly incredible things, but they're often told that they're "just kids," and nothing more.

At NextGen Athletics, we strive to dissolve that perception, and help them step into the mind of an elite athlete. In doing so, our clients are able to achieve things they didn't even believe were possible. It is our mission to maximize the potential of every person we come across.

Discover the benefits of tumbling

Tumbling requires athleticism that's developed over years spent honing skills and techniques. Some of the many benefits of participation include:

  • Overcoming difficult tasks
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Building self-efficacy, conditioning the mind and body
  • Developing critical thinking and body awareness
  • Holding oneself and others accountable
  • Fundamentally understanding lateral, linear and multi-planar body movements

See what makes us trusted tumbling professionals

NextGen Athletics LLC takes pride in offering tumbling instruction that's different from what you can find elsewhere. Schools and athletes around Grand Rapids, MI trust us because:

  • We have decades of combined experience
  • We emphasize the mental health of athletes
  • We integrate peer-reviewed, scientific research into each of our programs
  • We care deeply about our students
  • We understand that each athlete and team are different, so we constantly evolve and develop our coaching skills to meet the individual needs of each client.

Add elite tumbling instruction to your school. Reach out now to speak with our coaches about training your athletes.


1-hour Tumbling Clinic

  • An intense, circuit-style class structure with a focus on building tumbling-specific strength, technique, and mental fortitude.
  • This is our economy option, great for schools + families that may need more financial consideration.


1.5-hour Tumbling Clinic

  • This is our standard course--not so short that we have trouble giving the amount individual feedback we'd like to, and not so long where diminishing returns start to set in.
  • We want you to get the best value for your time, so this is our recommended course.


1-hour Jumps Clinic

  • This course emphasizes leg speed, flexibility, and power. Jumps may sound simple in theory, but there are a number of technical pieces that will inhibit athletes from progressing if left unlearned.
  • In this clinic, you will learn various stretches and exercises to help your jumps soar. You will also learn how to improve your technique so that even at your most tired, you'll still have some of the best jumps you've ever done.